Arabic Styles 

Arabic style is one of the directions of Oriental interior decoration, which means luxury, sophistication, and fairy tales. Similar to all Oriental art, it has three distinct foundations. 

This method is strict observance of the rules prescribed by Islam, adherence to age-old traditions, and manufactured interior and decoration items. Arab interior design is an expression of lifestyle.

The primary fundamental in the Eastern interior is not the luxury itself but the ability of artists to create its appearance. With the help of their talent, they designed the rooms so that the impression of the wealth of its owner exceeds the actual dimensions.

Traditions of Ancestors

Arab tribes led a nomadic way of life. In the interior, it can be reflected:

  • an improvised tent, 
  • carpets, 
  • flooring, 
  • numerous pillows of different types, sizes, and colors.

Curtains on the window should contain an Oriental pattern and be bright. There are a lot of fabrics, and it is folded and knotted with a cord, forming a pointed arch. The upper part of the wide window opening can be decorated with lambreguins. In the bedroom above the bed, you can make a canopy as a tent made of silk or heavily dense fabric of green, turquoise, or burgundy colors with trim at the edges as a gilded pattern. In the living room, it can be built over a sofa or ottoman.

Four Necessities of Modern Arabic

The style is a beneficial combination of the Islamic, Moroccan, and Mediterranean styles with a dynamism of the Transitional style of Modernism. 

Islamic Style

This style combines strict geometry, careful layouts, and an open-space perspective. Its initial principal purpose was to portray Islamic architecture in a manner that seemed elegant and majestic. So, the Islamic technique used:

  • comprehensive courtyards, 
  • enormous arches with pishtaqs and iwans, 
  • arcades,
  • porticos. 

Islamic design and architecture were all about brilliance in an understated manner.

a. Geometry,

b. Proportion,

c. Design Elements: Arches, Iwans, 

d. Colors

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