California Casual Style

The sleek and free casual style of home or apartment interior design – is individuality, comfort, and convenience. Notable ‘Casual Style’ for the interior suggests space, relaxing comfort, casual elegance, hidden beauty of the premises, decorated with taste, and preserving individuality.

Casual Interior Design Style

The order design of the house in casual style is worth it to everyone who prefers an unobtrusive simplicity, for those who prefer interiors designed for life but not for the dazzling brightness.

A casual is:

  • absence of ostentation, deliberate, unnecessary,
  • freestyle is for modern people who appreciate comfort and beauty,
  • paradoxical combination of simplicity and cleverness, space and semantic loading of the interior,
  • house interior in the casual style is beautiful, cozy, and individual. Simple design involves a variety of design solutions while saving uniqueness and personal style.

Focus on creating soft, inviting, and chic spaces.

This means a style that features neutral fabrics such as wool, cotton, silk, soft colors, and furniture built for comfort. Natural organic materials such as textured stone, warm wood, and ruff leather are crucial.

Translated, that means a comfortable, wholesome look that will be great when seated around the pool or on a sofa in a private home. The California chic interior design generally includes bright, inviting design, but it is much more. The home décor draws inspiration from the California experience, including several elements like Bright pops of color inspired by the sun. Beach living with ocean and sand hues.

The Difference between California Casual and California Modern

California Modern describes the modernist architectural movement that evolved in Los Angeles, CA, and the surrounding areas from the 1930s through the 1960s. The hallmarks of this design style emphasize indoor-outdoor living, rectilinear structures (often made of steel frames), open plans, and extensive use of glass.

While California Casual focuses on a monochrome palette and bold ceilings, California Modern extends the palette of materials and textures. That includes anything from wrought iron and other materials, faux and natural furs, sustainably sourced leathers and hides, and natural fibers and grasses. The California style also has a distinct coastal feel, especially when the casual style meets the modern design. The latter complements the former by creating an eco-friendly and natural-looking kitchen or living space that seamlessly transitions to outdoor dining or lounging areas.

Design Trends 

The interior design landscape has drastically changed over the last decade. Gone are the days when grassroots design movements shaped the central ideas upon which home elements are organized in interior improvement projects. Today, the latest trends in interior décor styles are highly hinged on design magazines, popular fashion channels, and social apps like Instagram. 

Monochrome Color Palette

This interior design trend focuses on the classic elegance of a monochrome color palette, mainly black and white. Black window fixtures, lighting elements, and furniture details conform to this interior design trend. 

We may have borrowed this interior-design color palette from traditional Scandinavian dwellings – which included black and white patterns, decorative objects, prints, and accessories – but they’ve stood the test of time, and today, designers and consumers are focusing on becoming more inclined to use them for a minimalistic,

clutter-free and organized interior space. For instance, white walls have become a trend in interior design, and contrasting white with black furnishings can create a chic design style. Besides, you can incorporate this bold and minimalistic vibe in virtually any type of décor.

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