Coastal Style

Breathtakingly beautiful and splendidly serene, the coast is one of the most mesmerizing landscapes in nature, with its light, airy sand, tall, green palm trees, and calm, lively ocean. However, such a combination of blissfully beautiful features can be much more of a regular sight than most imagine, thanks to the Coastal Interior Design Style. Clear your love for the beach and let it shine in your house or room. Although often confused with Nautical or Hamptons Interior Design Style, the Coastal Design is different; it focuses on establishing a laid-back, relaxed environment while keeping a chic, sophisticated look. Most contemporary coastal designs seek to represent the comfort of a beautiful seaside retreat through neutral, vibrant colors and texture-rich furniture choices. Done right, every coastal design style can make your home feel like an escape to a high-end resort on one of your favorite island beaches. Add a few sculptures or terracotta elements to your house and enhance the environment using simple coastal techniques and decorations.

Coastal Interior Design

This design can be described by elated coastal décor and cheerfully vibrant colors against a slightly charming neutral backdrop. It’s a comprehensive antithesis of the modern popular movement of minimalist ideas and bold-shaped elements. However, incorporating both concepts is a simplified and candid version of traditional coastal design elements. It allows for modernization and a spectacular seaside atmosphere with aesthetic appeal and functional characteristics. Coastal design can provide a beachy lifestyle without memorable tackiness. 

It suggests there would be fewer design elements in the name of décor items. Instead of a distinctive and visually screaming aesthetic consisting of many red-colored surfboards or beach wall art, it is replaced by a very subtle design language.

Prominent Characteristics

Due to its closeness to the Hampton and Nautical Interior Design Styles, the beautiful Coastal Style is often overlooked and needs to be understood, but we’re here to ensure that doesn’t happen. Coastal designs have distinct and subtle features, adding to their specific aura. 

Some of such features are:

  • Plants and Flowers – Coastal interior design styles often include a variety of small plants in their settings. These are usually lush plants such as palms, succulents, and snake plants, decorating entire gardens or rooms as necessary.
  • Colors – Coastal-style homes always employ neutral tones to do the trick, choosing just the right accents and highlights of yellow, coral, and turquoise to encourage their features to pop, forming a lively and laid-back atmosphere usually found in a sophisticated beach resort.
  • Textures and Patterns – Coastal interior design style houses effortlessly replicate the feel of a modern beach house. The rough and raw surfaces of the beachy, coastal design encapsulate the interior design’s natural elements, adding to the aesthetic of the style. Replace your scatter cushion and couch with one that has a brightly colored accent with a trendy pattern. Use versatile beachy designs and play with your favorite colors to decorate your house according to your favorite styles and preferences.

Many people think you must live by the coast to have a coastal interior design style. Although an authentic beach house would have to be right by the sea, you can customize your home according to your preferences, irrespective of location. Try a coastal theme today, and use the following steps to make sure you get the most out of your coastal interior design style:

Picking The Right Color Palette 

As a theme that closely matches the Hamptons and the Nautical Interior Design Style, choosing the right colors for your home is crucial to giving it a unique, personalized look. Seeing how the coastal theme focuses on the beach and the seashore, the apricot-toned sands, the small shrubs, and the tall palm trees, a neutral color will be just the right choice. Play around with crisp whites and marine blues, charcoal black and golden brown, with occasional hints of green and bright yellow with neutral undertones and highlights to make your house’s right areas stand out.

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