Cottagecore Style

This aesthetic style is more than a design fad; it’s a lifestyle. It is a way of living based on a feeling of: 

  • comfort, 
  • self-dependability, 
  • curation of one’s most-loved pieces. 

When it comes to this style, there are no rights or wrongs. This technique is all about observing the aspects of:

  • a better rural,
  • quiet lifestyle. 

When the workday ends, you can step into my backyard and feel life in the countryside surrounded by my chickens, dog, and cat. You can display all of the vintage and antique finds throughout your home. 

The collection can continue to grow, creating a fluid rotation of pieces that excite everyone. Still, cottagecore isn’t about becoming someone else; it’s a very intentional way of being. It isn’t cosplay or changing yourself into somebody from a different era. It’s genuinely adopting the decision to deliberately invite calmness and sustainability into many areas of your everyday life.


The Cottage Core craze is also a response to the modern farmhouse movement, which is beginning to fall out of popularity after years of favor. The issue with modern farmhouse is that it has evolved extraordinarily inauthentic. Yet, when it reaches to cottagecore, true enthusiasts are more likely to assume some lifestyle elements, whether:

  • growing plants,
  • spending weekends exploring flea markets for antique ginger jars.


People want a peaceful home with the following:

  • calm vibes, 
  • earthy tones, 
  • a garden.  

The brilliant whites and neutral colors are decreasing in popularity. Adding vintage pieces is one of the easiest ways to create vibes. It’s best to opt for accurate vintage items instead of just a vintage aesthetic. 

You can give new life to old furniture rather than buying new products. Using reclaimed finishes can elevate the style to another level. Many of your designs feature the following: 

  • repurposed existing finishes, 
  • reclaimed tile, 
  • refinished original cabinets.

Mixing era-inspired pieces into your space allows you to create: 

  • a layered,
  • vintage look often found in charming cottages. 
  • damask rugs, 
  • the face of aged stoneware pottery, 
  • woven baskets, 
  • arched gold mirrors, 
  • the cozy feel of embroidered blankets and throws.

Understanding the Basics 

As Cottagecore is both a home design style and a lifestyle:

  • more simplicity, 
  • soft comfort, 
  • self-reliance, 
  • personal freedom.

This romantic, nature-driven design trend calls for: 

  • cozy spaces decorated with rustic touches,
  • furnished and organized with everything required to lead a happy and productive life.

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