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Design Spreadsheet: Your Path to Interior Design Success

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Boyd Wichman

Interior Design Online Course
“Design Spread Sheet Method”

I remember when my first online course was just an idea in 2002. 

How excited I was at converting my ideas with a DESIGN METHOD to expand my projects and impact my business, allowing me to reach thousands of people. Now I want to help more people learn my interior design method so they, too, can create interiors for thousands of people.

But I also remember the feeling of being completely overwhelmed… I remember thinking, ‘WOW, I have SO much to SHARE to create a USABLE course.’

But – using a simple process to follow, I have created an Online Certified Training Course and a 5-STEP DESIGN METHOD SOFTWARE that made it all possible for ANYONE to follow……

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The Design Spread Sheet Course

  • Overview, What is Vertical Software
  • Main thought, A Framework for Design
  • Core5Plus Overview, A Method to Organize Space
  • 12 Principles, Help to Design the Space
  • Floor Plan, Ideas for a Tangible form
  • Kitchen – sample Floor Plan
  • Kitchen /Dining – sample Floor Plan
  • Kitchen/Dining/Family – sample Floor Plan
  • Kitchen/Dining/Living – sample Floor Plan
  • Living Room – sample Floor Plan
  • Bedroom – sample Floor Plan
  • Bathroom – sample Floor Plan
  • Office /Work Space – sample Floor Plan
  • Entry – sample Floor Plan
  • DSSM Design Styles comment

  • Functional, Function should Follow Form

  • Traditional, A Timeless Option

  • Modern, Devising New Norms

  • Contemporary, Monochromaticity, Comfort, and Simple 

  • Design Style Comparison of the 4 Basic Styles

  • Main Styles, 23 Styles

  • 70/30 Style, Division method for 2 Styles

  • DSSM Design Approaches comment, Looking at the Choices

  • Fine-tune, the Existing Project

  • Create Superior, Elements for their Project

  • Challenge Existing, Components in the Project

  • Limited, Time, Skills, or Money for the Project

  • Mechanical, Electrical, and mechanical component

  • Environmental /Sustainable, Environmentally pleasant, and healthful spaces

  • Human Factors, Design using human factors

  • 60/30/10 color, Balanced color scheme palette

  • Color Chart, 4 Color Charts

  • Psychology Color Chart, Meaning, and Feng Shui element

  • Color Schemes, 17 Color Schemes

  • Design Color Schemes, Neutral, Light, Medium, and Dark colors

  • Item Details, Items explanations

  • Spaces, Room Explanations

  • Kitchen, Space Details

  • Primary Bath, Space Details

  • Living Room, Space Details

  • Dining Room, Space Details

  • Primary Bedroom, Space Details

  • Entry, Space Details

  • Work Areas, Space Details

  • Children’s Bedroom, Space Details

  • Bedroom, Space Details

  • Bathroom, Space Details

  • Project Game Changers comment, a Newly introduced Element

  • DSSM DesignTriangle comment, Three main parts of a Space

  • 4 Approach Form, Basis for the Whole Course

  • Kitchen, Explanation of Core5Plus Method

  • Dining Room, Explanation of Core5Plus Method 

  • Living/Great, Explanation of Core5Plus Method 

  • Entry/hall, Explanation of Core5Plus Method 

  • Work/office/study, Explanation of Core5Plus Method

  • Bedroom Child, Explanation of Core5Plus Method

  • Bedroom Primary, Explanation of Core5Plus Method

  • Bedroom Adult, Explanation of Core5Plus Method

  • Bath, Explanation of Core5Plus Method

  • Bath Primary, Explanation of Core5Plus Method

  • 4 Approach Bids together, Residential spaces

  • Kitchen, Form

  • Dining, Form

  • Living/Great-Family/Sun-porch/Recreation, Form

  • Hall/Entry, Form, Form

  • Work/office/study, Form

  • Bedroom Adult/Child-Primary, Form

  • Bath/Bath Primary, Form

  • How to improve the functionality of your interior design

  • How to design a functional and inviting space?

  • Functional and Decorative

  • Guide to Design Multi-functional environment space

  • Tips for Creating a Functional and Comfortable interior

  • What Are The Fundamental Principles For Space Planning?

  • What Is Functional Space Planning?

  • What is the link between space and space functions?

  • What is Interior Design Space Planning?
  • How to Make a Floor Plan?
  • The definitive guide to Interior Planning
  • How To Design A Multi-Functional Space?
  • What Is An Open Floor Plan?
  • What Are The Merits Of An Open Floor Plan?
  • Why Do Homeowners Love Open Floor Plans?
  • What is space planning in Interior Design?
  • What Are The Demerits Of An Open Floor Plan?
  • Space Planning Methods
  • Open Floor Plan
  • The link between space and function
  • The eight most crucial principles
  • What is the best way to measure your space?
  • What is item Character?
  • What does it mean when you say “contextual fit”?
  • What exactly is Unity?
  • What is Character?
  • Home Decorating Rules to Ignore
  • Focal Point Questions

  • How to Choose Accessories

  • Easy Design Visuals
  • Home Decorating Rules to Ignore
  • How to Utilize Patterns And Prints in a space

  • Layering for Successful Schemes
  • Six Articles on Painting
  • Choosing a Color
  • Whole House Color Schemes
  • Color Ideas for Interior Trim
  • A Natural Oasis 

  • Nature-Inspired Haven In Your Home

  • Layout ideas for the Living Room

  • Trends for Interior Design

Learning how to create an interior design project; this knowledge and certificate is a skill and achievement that will serve you for life and can transform your life.

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