Farm House Style

Key features define a farmhouse décor, so recognizing them is easy. You must observe the house offering the most comfort, relaxation, and coziness without any screaming colors or complex structures. They are decorated with plain walls and furniture with the aura of a simpler life. It will connote a connection to nature and make you feel at home. Farmhouses are linked with working farmers and rural settings but are adapted to urban lifestyles. The design is one of the most dominant trends, so it has become the highlight of the housing styles in the modern U.S.

The Features of Interior Style

For an authentic farmhouse style, there is a distinct interior plan and décor features that enhance it. Starting with the kitchen, a farmhouse provides ample space, unlike galley kitchens, as most families would dry, pickle, and preserve provisions there in the past. Traditionally, a farmhouse would have low ceilings and narrow doors, which can no longer be seen in modern houses. A farmhouse also provides an entertaining space, a social room, and a parlor for small gatherings. Apart from the structure, some noteworthy features of farmhouse style décor include the following:

  • The furniture of a farmhouse is primarily homemade rather than store-bought.
  • The house is filled with striped fabric, icluding pillows, curtains, and upholstery.
  • The walls are not empty; they are always covered in wallpapers of soft and delicate colors, where the designs resemble those of the Victorian era.
  • The show of crockery, pots, pans, and glasses is a tradition, where they’re displayed on shelves instead of being kept in cabinets.
  • There is soft illumination in a farmhouse, which is either through natural light, candles, or lamps.

The Features of Exterior Style

Some of the more prominent features of a farmhouse are in the exterior, which is crafted in a simple design and easily recognizable. There are a few features that are distinct for a farmhouse, and they include the following:

  • Farmhouses are known to have porches nearly the length of the house, built to store firewood or remove muddy shoes before entering the house.
  • A farmhouse will always have a fireplace for warmth, serving as a second cooking area and being the focal point of a living room.
  • Many windows are provided for cool breezes in the summer, while they can also be sealed with window cozies during the winter.
  • The paint you’ll see on a farmhouse isn’t precisely the premixed type, and using a brush would leave brush marks on the wood panel. Painting the exterior white or classic blue is the go-to for a farmhouse paint job.

The Style of Furniture

Traditional farmhouse furniture is natural-looking and non-commercial. The woodwork is minimal and straightforward enough, which sets the homely vibe of a farmhouse. What enhances it is the variety of colors and textures accompanied by upholstery. Since the furniture is handmade, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you cut the tree and build it yourself from scratch. You can get your hands on rustic furniture and utilize that around the farmhouse as it goes well with it. Most furniture is multipurpose, such as the coffee table doubling as a storage unit, or a buffet sideboard can become bar storage. A few pointers to remember to help you maintain adequate farmhouse furniture are listed below:

  • The furniture you choose doesn’t have to be fancy or showy; it only needs to reflect you and how it connects with you.
  • Upon entering a room, the eyes need a focal point. For instance, a headboard in a bedroom can act as a focal point, similar to a fireplace in the living room and a sofa in the parlor. The plan is not to make it look cluttered, even if you have a diverse style.
  • For all decorations and furniture, apply the rule of three, i.e., an odd number of things is more pleasing than even numbers.
  • When it comes to colors, you don’t have to go for a variety of them, as any single calming color will do the job smoothly, such as baby blue or tan. But if you decide to mix colors, make sure they’re compatible. They are supposed to make your farmhouse décor look comfortable and not draw attention.

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