Gothic Style

 The Gothic interior design style is distinguished by its:

  • uniqueness,
  • originality, 
  • preference for dark tones, among which black is dominating, but burgundy and purple are also in use; less common are salad, pink and white colors, 
  • something unique and a little gloomy,
  • to create this design, you need the space of a suburb mansion or an elite apartment, 
  • this style implies a considerable room height, making it possible to use it when the place has high ceilings.

Windows and Arches

A distinctive feature of the Gothic style is ascending windows and similar arches. Openwork turrets and ornaments can be used as the decor, characteristic of a Gothic style, so it must be distinct from other techniques. The atmosphere of the room is filled with greatness and grace. Windows can be decorated with ornaments or stained glass. Modern Gothic style tends to be similar to medieval castles, and since windows and arches are always drawing more attention, these elements play an essential role in re-creating a style. The main thing to remember is that the task is not to alter the habitation into a medieval castle or a temple but to get as close to the medieval style as possible by making an elegant arrangement from modern materials.


It is also essential to pay attention to furniture to get a harmonious picture; Gothic furniture includes cupboards with high legs, bicuspid cabinets with six panels, beds, and high backs. Only wooden furniture is acceptable, and it must be decorated with carvings. In addition, massive furniture should be chosen. Such an interior turns out to be heavyweight, with many exquisite details and is perceived as rude. If possible, the windows and doors must be made in the Gothic style.


A distinctive feature of the ceiling is the upward direction. Of course, it’s good to think about it when designing a building. But if the ceiling is not too high, the stucco, which creates the effect of the vault and a device with open framed rafters, will help give it a “gothic” look.


Both sculptures of various mythical creatures, lions, draperies, paintings, and knight armor can serve as accessories. Although the Gothic style is often perceived as retro because you are immersed here in the old days, it is still modern. Since then, you have yet to build monumental and majestic Gothic buildings. 

It only helps to create a sense of antiquity, and when the maximum effect is achieved, one can admire the result as if we were transported to a bygone age. However, with all the desire to decorate the Interior in the Gothic style, considering all canons is almost impossible because Gothic is a good style of castles. It requires a lot of space, which is invalid for most apartments. Therefore, fans of Gothic have to use style techniques to give the interior Gothic features.

The Gothic style’s mysterious appeal is filled with castles’ nobility and grandeur. The stylistic movement appeared in the Golden Middle Ages in the interior and architectural ensembles. Still, today, it remains a widespread, unique, and aristocratic style used to decorate public institutions, hotels, apartments, and residential buildings. Abundant use of light knows the dynamic Gothic Interior, the usage of massive stained-glass windows, and the presence of a large amount of free space. The benefit of the Gothic technique in the interior design for the living space allows you to assemble a mysterious, splendid atmosphere reminiscent of the structure of ancient castles of chivalrous times.

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