High-Tech Style

Modern, sleek, and chic at the same time, high-tech (or high technology) style at home or office interior stands out with a thoughtful attitude towards the allocation of furniture and household appliances, the use of artificial materials, and minimal decor. The interior design of a modern house or apartment in a high-tech style is a fantastic solution for dynamic individuals who are motivated, very ambitious, focused on 

the city’s rhythm, and energized by life. A home or apartment in high-tech style has a timeless design, luxurious beauty of shiny, smooth surfaces, modern appliances, and a remarkable dynamic interior elegance.

Definition of High-tech style

High-tech is an architectural arrangement style that appeared in the Late Modernism era in the 1970s and was widely used in the 1980s. Some Englishmen are significant theorists and clever practitioners of high-tech ideas. The individuals are: 

  • Norman Foster, 
  • Richard Rogers, 
  • Nicholas Grimshaw, 
  • James Stirling, 
  • and the Italian Renzo Piano. 

This style developed in the industrial premises practical design, where all the components are functional. Various industrial features were used in the living section, where they materialized into a mixture of high technology and distinctive constructivism.

Why High-tech?

This style combines the practicality of the Functionalism style and the Techno style with the great aesthetics of the Minimalism style. This combination of understated beauty of the space, freedom and spaciousness, and interior comfort gives modern appliances. High-tech – it’s a stylish, modern, beautiful, and comfortable style for your apartment. Modern interior design – it is a high-tech style:

  • actual finishes,
  • bold design solutions,
  • stylish lighting,
  • harmony in strict geometric forms.

If you appreciate the coldness of polished metal, glass, and plastic panels, plus appreciate modern technology, then you’re genuinely a fan of the hi-tech style. Interiors in high-tech style are characterized by abundant items of glass, metal, plastic, and practical media/computer devices. The impressive high-tech style is the newest of all. The style in the design of public and residential interiors came into being in the last third of the 20th century. It took its origin from the creation of industrial premises. The high-tech style is based on the popularity of science fiction cinema and literature and, of course, the emergence of ultra-modern materials.

Appropriate high-tech

If you like modern interior design – high-tech is your style:

  • The particularly appropriate high-tech style is in the interior design of the office: rigor, conciseness, business spirit, and modern office supplies – all this sets a working mood. You can order office designs in high-tech style for the advertising firm, the business center, the bank office, or the pharmacy.
  • The high-tech interior of electronics or mobile stores organically emphasizes the relevance of the assortment range and its progressive direction. Metal, glass, and plastic are excellent backgrounds for modern gadgets.
  • The high-tech interior of the trading floor is equally appropriate for home and digital technology departments, shopping centers focused on selling CDs with movies and games, and modern clothing and accessories shops.
  • The shop’s interior design in a high-tech style visually increases space with the help of sleek metal, glass, and plastic surfaces. It has modern lighting and clean lines. This method is a space with light and no pretentious interior parts, distracting attention from the product.
  • The design of the exhibition stands in high-tech style – it is the most popular solution, which is selected for ease of installation and demonstration of technical progress, sealed in metal, plastic, and glass clean lines and symmetrical forms.

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