Nautical Style

The sea, beach sand, ships, high-rising palm trees, fish, and coral reefs speak to only a selected number of people. Those who genuinely connect with the coast’s freshness, adventurous spirit, and mesmerizing beauty never cease to display their love for the beach. They often express it through designing and decorating their rooms or houses in the Nautical interior style. The Nautical Style, however, can be applied to much more than just your room or home; this unique design can shine even in buildings, including but not limited to townhouses, restaurants, beauty salons, and shops. Although the use of the Nautical Interior Design Style is less common today than it was a few years ago, the style is still appreciated by those who are more open to embracing their love for the ease, charm, and beauty of the oceans and seas. Of course, cottages ashore the sea or beach houses continue to regularly and organically adopt the Nautical Style even today. 

And what truly makes this design so unique is what this blog talks about. There are countless features in houses that adopt this style, but some of the more common and striking themes that can make anyone fall in love with them are listed below:

  • Wooden Vintage Ships – Choose your favorite wood-paneled walls, off-white curtains to mimic ship sails, or round and wooden windows without curtains or blinds to add to the theme. Be sure to choose a decoration theme that complements the furniture and supports the purpose of the building, such as the catchy pirate theme or a more formal cruise-ship theme (the combinations are endless!)
  • The Deep Blue Sea – Express yourself with dark, light, deep, aqua, and all other relevant shades of blue combined with the occasional green and white to depict sea plants, coral reefs, and rays of sunlight shining through. Add your favorite pieces of large, dark brown wooden furniture, images of marine life, and brown tiled or wooden flooring to complement the cool colors.
  • A Refreshing Beach Retreat – Treat yourself to exotic wicker furniture, decor materials such as umbrellas, small shrub-like plants, and light, bright-cloth curtains. Throw in a golden, brown, white, and beige mixture to mimic the sandy beach.
  • Treasures of the Pirates – Explore the vast riches of the seas with small or large treasure chests to keep books, crockery and utensils, clothes, and other typical household and personal items. Find small figurines like ships-in-bottles, anchors, and wooden steering wheels to add a finishing touch.

The Nautical Style can also be adopted in a much smaller, more subtle manner, whereby hints of the Nautical Design can be noticed. These include:

  • colors depicting the sea, the beach and its sand, the sun, and the vegetation found around the waters and oceans, such as light and dark blue, white, brown, and incidental shades of green, yellow, and red representing fish and corals,
  • high use of wood in the form of wooden ceilings, walls, and flooring, decorative figurines, and furniture,
  • no prominent samples of furniture made of plastic, metal, or any other conventional material,
  • noticeable decorative elements hint at the love of the sea, such as starfish rugs, pebbles, small, live plants, ship models, anchors, etc.,
  • oceanic textile prints, with examples including boats, surfing, fish, coral reefs, palm trees, apricot-toned sands, anchors, and ships, complemented small decorative items such as hourglasses, ships-in-bottles, and treasure maps,
  • natural, light-colored fabrics.

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