Shabby Chic Style

Buying antiques that have been a part of history is what attracts and pleasures most people. These antique pieces are visually appealing and have a story to tell. People prefer to buy pieces that have a long-lasting value, like antiques passed down in their family, over standard components that are mass-produced and very common. In the 1980s, the collection of antiques and vintage items began in colors like white, cream, and soft yet attractive pastel oil. These antique pieces helped enhance the look of old cottage houses that looked dull. The use of these antiques gave birth to the shabby chic design that is rustic yet womanly. The shabby chic design tries to blend in with new and attractive distressed pieces. Shabby chic is said to be modest and easy, even with the womanly touch. The aura of a shabby chic design is like the feeling of a beautiful day spent in a flea market. The shabby chic design can be made flawlessly to invite people from different backgrounds, such as the hut, farm, Victorian, or French country. The outside of the house must have pleasant air that gives the feeling of a fresh breath to match the décor inside the house. The residents inside the house experience a beautiful mixture of different textures like rough wood and ribbed wicker with cozy comforters and a luxurious touch. A shabby chic-designed house is full of character, and the home also includes the validity of using well-liked items and well-lived lives.

The Approach

The shabby chic style is all about its furniture and accessories; both elements are filled with character in the shabby stylish design. The optimal way to proceed with a shabby chic design is to finalize the core color of the house, which should preferably be of a lighter shade, and then work your way around it. The soft background colors of the house will provide a lovely backdrop for the house owner to fearlessly experiment with different interior pieces together to finally attain the optimal look. Designers who adore the shabby chic design also covet wooden floors and furniture. 

Interior Design Features

Such as:

  • weathered, 
  • distressed,  
  • stained displays, 
  • with modest materials, 
  • different textures,
  • antique and dated items, 

These items are found in a shabby chic style. Wood is a vital part of the shabby chic style. The use of metal and wicker with the perfect background gives this design a flirty feminine aura. Wooden beams are used in this design, giving the house a countryside look and the feeling of a protected and old house. The wooden beams are often painted white or in different shades to complement the rest of the house design perfectly. The wooden beams are also sanded and weathered to complete the look. The end look of these beams is very calming and airy. Along with the use of wood and rugged material toned down to complete the look, the addition of glamorous antique pieces also amplifies the shabby chic style.

Using antique crystal, decorating materials, or even colored glass bottles and vases is an additional factor to the feminine touch of this style. Modernistic elements can be added to this style without fear of ruining the design style. The futuristic touch can include striped or modern light fittings throughout the house. The light fitting can amazingly blend with the wooden core design of the house to create an overall aesthetic look. The use of rugged and worn furnishing works surprisingly well with the womanly touch of this design. The core color palette used for this design is mainly of light and calm colors, as they go well with the antiques and the house’s wooden base. Adding these subdued colors gives the place a soothing yet rustic look. The mixture of different light shades significantly contributes to the relaxing factor. The colors are often toned down to an even softer level to complement the cozy cotton texture used throughout the house. Even with the addition of sky blue, violet, lemon, or orange, the true essence of the dreamy country environment in the shabby chic design is not lost. Seamlessly blending colors can be partially mixed; experimenting with new colors can be done by coloring a wooden beam with different colors before deciding. 

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