Spanish Style

Spain is a country of: 

  • contrasts, 
  • bright colors, 
  • passion, 
  • extravagance. 

The style has some of the same features as Spain. At the same time, the colorful Spanish style has managed to combine elements of other types gracefully:

  • Mediterranean – Tuscan, 
  • Moroccan, 
  • French country.

Color Scheme

The color scheme of the Spanish interior is quite diverse. It has such natural shades as: 

  • green, 
  • blue, 
  • brown. 

There is also the warmth and positivity of: 

  • yellow, 
  • red, 
  • terracotta. 

Pure white is also present. It is the neutral white shade that often serves as a backdrop for incredibly lively Spanish ornaments and lush decor,

Signs of the Spanish style are: 

  • exposed wooden beams, 
  • arched windows, 
  • wrought iron furniture. 

The interior has a sense of brightness, sunshine, and festival and adjusts to the romantic mood. 

A characteristic feature of the Spanish style is the wall paintings. It gives internal dynamics and volume. On the floor, it is better to use natural wood and ceramic tiles in bright, contrasting shades. Windows in a Spanish interior are often covered with wooden shutters or framed with wrought iron elements. Wrought iron lamps go in tone with them. Wall sconces and table lamps usually have glass stained-glass lampshades. An essential part of the interior in the Spanish style is handmade elements: painting furniture and remaking old things with your hands – all this gives the interior a cozy and authentic feel. The whole interior in the Spanish style is saturated with details but is manageable with them. Here, it is essential to balance color, decor, and finishes.

Spain is a country of passion.

The red color is the best reflection of this feeling: it is difficult to imagine a Spanish-style interior without bright accents. This style is reminiscent of the Mediterranean style due to its romanticism and a lot of air and light. Special attention to the Spanish interior should be paid to the accessories. There are a lot of: 

  • ceramic, 
  • earthenware, 
  • clay, 
  • copper items with thematic ornaments. 

Decorating the interior in the Spanish style, remember the textiles. Such as:

  • bright cushions, 
  • upholstered furniture, 
  • carpets, 
  • linens, 
  • curtains, 
  • canopies.

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