Urban Modern Style 

Dynamic people prefer the urban style. It reflects the spirit of big cities with their rapid rhythm of life. The urban style interior design presents a harmonious combination of necessary furniture and multifunctional accessories. The design is very aesthetic. It combines practicality and functionality. The concept of urbanism comes from the Latin word urbanus. This trend appeared in the early twentieth century. The representatives of this style supported the idea of the enormous role of megapolises for a large part of the population. Urbanism began to develop rapidly in the 1950s. Now, this style is actively used by modern designers. In many European countries, it is considered very popular. The urban style interior design is successfully used to create living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

What is

The modern urban interior design is softer and much more comfortable than the harsher ‘commercial’ styles, which are constantly associated with the words’ Urban.’ Modern urban design is an interior embellishment for dwelling in a house that accommodates us after a lengthy day, supports us, and protects us from the vast lousy city. The suggestion of the converted commercial loft embodies modern urban interior design. It can be a mid-century, a small industry, and influenced by modern styles. Urban style often has a worldwide ambiance, and the artwork is a means to accomplish that look.

Style Difference

The hip and trendy cause this design style: 

  • have an industrial aesthetic,
  • with a much softer and less edgy side. 

Many design styles do what urban modern endeavors: 

  • To create a retreat and retreat away from a more dynamic, cosmopolitan lifestyle. 
  • To deliver a less heated space away from the everyday grind.


Compared to industrial design, Urban Modern tries to “modernize” the industrial. Overview:

  • soft, neutral colors, 
  • plush furniture, 
  • natural light is critical to the success of urban modern. 
  • rugged wood, 
  • a mix of metals, 
  • steel, 
  • brick.


The modern urban design style can make the perfect combination of techniques, which means if you love the various types in your space, then this style will be magic for you. 

It is characterized by highlighting architecture, pleasing continuity, managing the scale, style fusion, and natural material. Such as:

  • floor-to-ceiling high windows blaze the area with lots of natural light,
  • highlight exposed beam & column structure,
  • exposed ceiling & lighting to give industrial loft ambiance.

Pleasing Continuity

  • create continuity with the same color on the wall of all rooms or with the same pattern on different colors, maybe on a wall or fabric,
  • create a sophisticated floor plan with symmetrical area coverage.

Manage The Scale

  • do play with scale-like sofa seating having a big painting on the background or highlight the area with a large chandelier,
  • take oversized furniture complimenting with minor artifacts.

Fusion Of Styles

  • combining the styles creates drama, comfort & glamor in the interior,
  • make the space with a delightful style fusion for that follow layer designing approach such as furniture layer, soft furnishing layer, etc.

Natural Material

  • natural materials like stone, wood, leather, wool, and concrete are used most,
  • the prime features are natural wood flooring, comfortable wool textile, brick, stone & concrete walls.

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