Asian Style

Lacquered Furniture

To produce a glamorous and perfect appearance, a flawlessly smooth & durable lacquer finish is polished to a dazzling sheen. This finish is durable and beautiful; the smooth surface allows removing dirt and dust a breeze. This design houses huge pieces like this Asian-inspired dresser on small decorative items like a lacquered vase.


What better way to demonstrate your distinctive style than with calligraphy representing your values and goals? When written in the complex symbols of Asian languages, word art takes on a refined appearance. Whatever phrases you pick, they look fantastic framed or even on tapestries. 

Gold-leaf Chinese poetry is an excellent conversation piece for your dinner guests!

Lanterns Made of Paper

Paper lanterns are available in many forms and colors and provide a gentle and ambient light. 

Famous Asian-style lanterns are not limited to backyard celebrations. They are a simple and affordable way to incorporate a touch of the Orient into every home space. This neutral-colored nature-inspired paper lantern would look great in any room. Additionally, these red party lamps bring flair to any room inside or outside the house if you need some color.

Folding Screens

Utilize East Chinese folding screens to divide extensive areas and provide seclusion. Select from delicate silk screens, colorful paper screens, or natural-material panels (like this jute and rosewood screen). With various colors, designs, and sizes available, there is indeed a screen to complement any area or budget.

Color Schemes

A dramatic contrast of black and crimson pays tribute to Chinese culture—hand-painted motifs complete this traditional Asian design. Consider utilizing vibrantly colored kitchenware; beautiful Chinese dragon teacup infuses your kitchen with vibrant Asian hues.

If muted hues are more to your taste, Japanese designs’ gentle blues, greens, or neutrals are ideal. A set of delicately colored teacups will infuse your morning with a touch of Japan. 

Add a few gold and silver embellishments, and your area will seem serene while retaining a little glitz. If you enjoy a little bling, these dainty white and yellow teacups may be for you.

Ornate Carvings

If you want a detailed interpretation of Asian décor, you may be drawn to carved wooden furniture. 

Made of dark hardwoods and artistically carved with Hindu-inspired designs, these magnificent pieces elevate any environment. This design is frequently seen in chairs, chests, and tables and is typically finished in a complex, glossy finish. A lacquered Renaissance chair will provide an aura of royalty to your area.

Geometric Designs

Another popular furniture design substitutes geometric patterns for elaborate ones, resulting in a more straightforward, less minimalist appearance. Benches and shelves are beautiful in this Asian style. The bamboo garden bench adds to your yard or patio’s seating options. For a more compact space, these Beijing-inspired porcelain chairs provide a lovely resting spot.

Hand-painted Details

Consider tables and chests with hand-painted elements such as metallic knobs or animal patterns. Consider earthenware, such as a hand-painted Satsuma vase, if you want something more compact.

Low Tables

People lay on the ground & dined at low tables in certain Asian civilizations. 

While you might want to avoid replicating this tradition inside your dining room, it is ideal for a yoga, sunroom, and garden room. 

Sitting on the ground establishes a connection with the Earth and facilitates mediation. 

A modest table, such as a Korean-patterned portable desk, is ideal for a small lunch, a mahjong game, or displaying potted plants. 

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