Coastal Grandmother Style

The style aesthetic embraces lifestyle choices. Leisurely slow walks in a sun-blocking new hat, fresh-cut flowers on the kitchen countertop, dinner crisping in the oven, and heading to bed early; it’s a lifestyle more than a trend. The style is all about: 

  • pursuing joy in the tiny little things in life,
  • having an incredible taste. 

Coastal Grandmothers are individuals who are: 

  • effortlessly stylish (but in a comfy manner), 
  • have a collected presence (without attempting too hard),
  • understand how to be the most pleasing hostess (while never working very hard), 
  • enjoy the finer items (yet still sense approachable).

It’s also crucial to note that you don’t need to have grandchildren or live on the beach to be a coastal grandmother. It applies to all ages and locales. The prevailing aesthetic is: 

  • relaxed yet still prepared, 
  • not too ridge in thinking, 
  • but still clutching classic wardrobe fashion. 

If a color collection would be: 

  • neutrals with white, tan, black, 
  • shades of blue and green.

It’s time to: 

  • gather those hydrangeas from the small garden, 
  • fix your hair messily into a tortoiseshell clip, 
  • stockpile tomatoes from the local farmers’ market.

As with any technique, you find inspiration, then try it yourself; you carve out your version from these options, and you can discover incredible happiness.

Mood and Inspiration

To put yourself in the right mindset: 

  • envision the clear, 
  • calm natural light you experience on an early sunrise walk on the vacant beach. 

This style is a:

  • relaxed yet refined, 
  • casual but elevated style. 

It communicates a warm, tempting, laid-back indulgence without being overtly relaxed. 

The design lines are: 

  • clean,
  • designs are unembellished,
  • minimal.

“Coastal Grandmother” describes the method as: 

  • open kitchens areas
  •  rustic textiles, curtains, towels, more, 
  • white accents, 
  • white slipcovered sofas, 
  • the mixture of beautiful older pieces with newer ones, 
  • lots of natural light through large windows.”

The method is:

  • an approachable, 
  • comfortable, 
  • attainable look—no matter where you live. 

The style is: 

  • refreshing, 
  • unfussy—in the color palette decor.
  • To purchase the book:

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