Eclectic Style

Unusual and original eclectic style in the interior of the house, apartment, office, or hotel is a mixture of styles, a combination of different directions; it is freedom, imagination, and creating a new one. The eclectic interior is excellent for modern people who want to develop and are not afraid to show courage and go beyond the usual. 

Unique, eclectic style in the interior of the apartment, home, office, or salon will create an island of ease and a unique perspective in the spirit of the metropolis. Every big city around the world obeys the charm of eclecticism.

Eclectic style in interior design:

  • mixing of two or three (sometimes four) styles,
  • eclecticism basis, as usual, classical or historical styles or their pastiche,
  • arrangements in the eclectic style allow the use of various decorative materials: wood, stone, metal, glass, and fabric. Plastic accessories and furniture will also be applicable if they integrate harmoniously with the subtle background and trim,
  • unlike the modern techniques – Kitsch and Fusion, Eclectic does not provide abundant bright colors. Typically, the background color is light, and the furniture and decor are of natural colors (both saturated and pastel shades),
  • stylistic elements (furniture, decor, colors, texture, materials) must be organically compatible and balanced. The basis of eclecticism is harmony. This style is not an experiment (like Fusion) or a challenge (like Kitsch). It is the creation of new based on the combination of known techniques,
  • intimate and original, innovative, and with elements of classic and vintage. A combination of functionality, rigorous shapes, and soft lines characterizes it.

The apartment in an eclectic style looks comfortable, beautiful, and unusual. The basic rule of the interior in this style is to choose two or three styles (historical styles predominately) as a base and blend their characteristics. 

To create a harmonious interior in this style, you must have impeccable taste and fundamental knowledge of different styles` basics. Therefore, it is necessary to turn to professionals.


Eclectic as an architectural style emerged in the first half of the XIX century. Its main principles are a departure from the rigid scope of classical architecture and increasing the importance of the functionality of buildings.

Each building is appropriate for its unique style. Eclectic entered the expression realm of interior design as a unique form of rejection of usual rules and canons, as the grand direction of self-realization, absolute freedom of expression, and a stunning attempt to incorporate all the most beautiful, relaxing, and enjoyable created in the scope of the existing styles. The word “eclectic” can be translated from Greek as “favorite/selective/best.”



  • The interiors of the apartments in the eclectic style look harmonious thanks to the use of different kinds of furniture. The eclectic style puts forward basic requirements: the furniture should be functional, comfortable, and beautiful.
  • It is acceptable to combine a luxury dining table and chairs with a “Modern” buffet style with oriental carpet. Proportionality, elegance, and a unique atmosphere of freedom and harmony – all distinguish the style.
  • Furniture can be modern, vintage, expensive, affordable, elegant, and straightforward.

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