English Classic Style

English style was influenced by two epochs of history “Albion”:

  1. English Classic Style

    English style was influenced by two epochs of history “Albion”:

    1. In the era of George V, the crisp lines, symmetry of forms, ancient motifs, geometric prints, bright colors, and spacious rooms were brought to the surface.
    2. In the era of Queen Victoria, rich colors, the abundance of furniture and decoration, wealth, and glamour were introduced. In this era, the British colonized many other nations; thus, many motifs were from countries like Africa and India. Motifs and other decorating items, such as rugs, vases, and dishes, were also inspired by other nations. This era was also the introduction point of using antique globes, telescopes, hourglass, and forged candlesticks as interior decorating items.

    Why English

    An English-styled interior for your office, home, salon, or apartment shows your appeal for quality, elegance, good taste, and tradition. When carrying out a project to design a house according to a classic English style, elegant luxury, royal touch, cozy atmosphere, old-fashioned housing, and thought-out design are all considered. The English housing style can be deemed brave, majestic, romantic, and sentimental. The masculine touch given to the English housing style is due to the dark colors, the use of antiques and natural materials, and refinement. The feminine touch given to the English housing style is due to the abundance of floral motifs, curtains, upholstery, pillows, crystals, and fresh flowers throughout the house.  

    English style usage

    The English-style interior design best fits offices, dwelling rooms, country clubs, and cottages. 

    The personnel that would find English-style interiors optimal can be high-positioned bankers, law/finance personnel, politicians, and public figures. There are no boundaries to who may and may not use English-styled interior designs. English design will be your best bet if you have an elegant and old-fashioned taste.

    The kitchen used in English-styled homes is spacious and filled with beautiful furniture and decorating materials. Such as:

    • vast dining table, 
    • chairs with carved backs,
    • huge closets, 
    • porcelain/ceramic vases, 
    • indoor plants, 
    • elegant cabinets, 
    • royal tablecloth.

    These items constitute an optimal English kitchen. 

    The living room is preferably cozy with: 

    • attractive fireplace, 
    • comfortable sofa, 
    • spacious chairs, 
    • giant cushions and pillows, 
    • coffee table, 
    •  bookshelves. 

    The living room walls also have huge frames with meaningful pictures in them.

    The bedroom of an English-styled house is incomplete without a massive four-poster bed with heavy drapes and ample wardrobes. The traditional material used for trimming is natural wood. 

    Several colors are deemed appropriate; some are: 

    • purple, 
    • dark green, 
    • shades of brown,
    • rust,
    • olive, 
    • carmine, 
    • crimson. 

    The noble shades (including soothing colors like sea green, dark green, burgundy, and sapphire) are often based on the English style, which excludes flashy or eye-catching colors with high contrasts.

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