Feng Shui Style 

It’s the philosophy of constructing a harmonious balance in your home to encourage a sense of peace and quietness in your everyday life. Compared to most interior styles, Feng Shui is more than picking certain decorative boxes and sticking to specific elements. On the contrary, it’s the philosophy of forming a unified balance in your home to illuminate a sense of calm and tranquility in your daily life. Feng shui conveys ‘wind water’ and is an age-old Chinese philosophy that balances different components by positioning them to optimize ‘chi’ (energy) distinctively. That’s why, regarding interior design ideas, Feng Shui is more about removing excess clutter and rearranging your adorable existing furniture rather than adhering to a specific décor style. No surprise, it’s also understood as ‘the art of placement’!You’ll feel a spectacular sense of peace and balance once your home has been ‘feng shui-ed.’

  • The keen connection to nature that you’ll interested in developing.
  • You’ll comprehend the beauty of delightful simplicity in your furniture and everyday life.
  • The fact that decorative rules and trends do not restrict you.

Feng Shui Design Principles

Home interior design is an art arrangement that teaches colors and light to a dwelling and combines -great personality, satisfying comfort, and good energy. The ideas of interior design are widely established on different themes and purposes. Some clients favor minimalism for functional design plans, while others desire more complex and defined method plans. While several impressive design principles exist, interior designers must consistently consider the ideal energy flow in their design techniques. Everything in this universe is comprised of energy; everything functions on an energy map, from life force to earth elements. These encouraging energy forces can be influenced positively or negatively. The Chinese conception of notable ‘yin and yang’ has been based on this philosophical grand ‘balance of the universe’s positive and negative forces.’ It was additionally applied in interior design by presenting the elements of Feng Shui. This excellent Chinese interior design approach manipulates Feng Shui energy forces to enhance the quality of life. Feng Shui brilliantly summarizes ‘wind and water.’ The Chinese desirable practice of manipulating the gleaming life force is embedded in simply controlling ‘chi,’ which is the energy flow. 

Feng Shui concentrates on the two primary practical energy forces of wind and water to influence the areas of your life. Set the wind and water to flow in free form to your space. The unique elements of Feng Shui are positioned such that these natural elements can flow through the home’s living space. The joyful sound energy emitted due to the benefit of Feng Shui concerns the inhabitants’ temperament, grand vitality, and overall well-being. In this manner, Feng Shui closely simulates the components of Yin and Yang. It assists in balancing the flow of good and bad energies. The pith of these determined nurturing components is called chi or life constraint. Wind and water immediately transport the chi, as their brilliant streaming quality mirrors their essential nature. To a significant extent, all living creatures are created from these two necessary components. 

Along with these ideas, Feng Shui is the specialty of planning requirements in agreement with the inspiring stream of chi through one’s living space design.

Practices for Feng Shui Design

In addition to the basic principles of the design, broad procedures are followed in the household to integrate the effects of good energy. These practices focus on clean living, encouraging positivity in the living spaces.

According to Feng Shui’s concepts, clutter brings negative energy into the household. Not only does it look unappealing, but the mess can be hazardous to the health of the inhabitants. It is essential to extract all unnecessary objects. They may be items that do not accomplish a purpose or fit into the design plans. Anything that simply doesn’t fit into the positive natural flow of the living space must be cleared so the graceful positive energy can successfully flow freely through the home. Chinese philosophers believed that one must permanently remove all the opposing energy forces at the door when one enters the house. This is why you must joyfully remove your shoes before you enter the household to preserve good Feng Shui. Color psychology concerns an individual’s mood and the general energy forces in the home. Feng Shui experts suggest combining three cheerful natural colors to initiate serenity and effective positive energy indoors. Choosing light shades of lavender flowers, blue sea, green plants, and peach fruit is best for calming effects. Although white keenly positively impacts the mind, it is most beneficial to employ it sparingly as it emits a cold ambiance. Different elements of sound invoke positive energy into the atmosphere. The features are incorporated with these gleamingly metal elements or earth components for stunning positive sound effects. You can position wind chimes at the front door area or in open, thoughtful spaces for serene sounds. You can also employ Tibetan singing bowls or large delightful bells in the living area where the gentle wind elements can adorably interact with the other aspects of the environment to create a positive effect.

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