French Country or Provincial Style

Paris, France, is known as the world’s fashion center, and it cannot be argued that it is rightly named so. 

Elegance is the only thing that comes to mind when one thinks about ‘French country,’ and French fashion comes to mind when discussing class. French country is a mix of rustic and refined décor with hints of vintage and gold, often inspired by the interiors of French countryside homes. The French country style is famous all over the globe because it is the perfect blend of comfortable and casual grace. Three main characteristics make up French country design, and they are:

  • Softly patterned fabrics, usually florals, in a muted yet elegant color scheme.
  • The use of distressed, chalk-painted vintage furniture and careful ornamentation with multiple accessories.
  • Use exposed materials like wood, brick, stone, and other natural materials. 

This décor is often associated with “Provincial Style,” which has a more formal, refined, and high-maintenance appearance. Some of its characteristics, for instance, rich colors, big and bold patterns, and accents of gold, can be easily incorporated into the French country style. French country style is an interior design inspired by France’s rural and country homes. This style creates a warm and welcoming aura in French farmhouses, especially with the choice of colors, including gold accents and muted yet elegant floral patterns. It is hard to pinpoint where this style emerged, but it is significantly associated with the Provence region of France. 

Although you can get highly inspired by style elements, some people prefer to alter it according to their tastes. The French country style is primarily rustic but can also be interpreted as elegant by incorporating your favorite characteristics of the type into a different interior design that complements it.  

History of the Style Origin

“French Country” was named after the region in the southeast of France, where he began his story. The petite French bourgeoisie in the 17th century could equip their homes in the province. People began to make their homes simple but with characteristic French elegance to get away from the bustle of the city and the strict classics, inspired by the freshness of country life and picturesque surrounding landscapes. The natural ease, naturalness, old-world charm – all this is reflected in the atmosphere of the interior.

Colors, Prints, and Materials 

The main aesthetic of the design lies in fantastic warm side of the color wheel with shades of pastel yellow, pink, baby blues, and creams. The main characteristic of the French country style is for all the colors and patterns to blend in subtly with each other, creating an exclusively layered look of sophistication and high-end fashion. 

Provincial-style fabrics have a bolder pattern with more saturated colors like sun-baked ochre and deep brick red to reflect the natural pigments in the region’s natural clay earth. 

French Country Style Furniture

Furniture is vital to mastering the style and making it noteworthy at first glance. Comfort and style go hand-in-hand with French country, and upholstered seating and chairs are the perfect choices. The French provincial furniture was initially designed in the 18th Century for wealthy families in France, while more affordable adaptations of Rococo-style pieces were made for the monarchy. 

Architectural Elements of the French Country Style

Another essential characteristic of the style is the architecture, which is inspired by the homes in the French provincial countryside. There are a lot of architectural elements that influence the French country style, and here are a few of them:

  • One of the most common architectural elements observed in the French country style is the exposed wooden ceiling beams. 
  • Using natural elements like natural stone, natural wood, and brick stones.
  • The aesthetically weathered appearance of the structure is also an essential element to play within the French country style. 

The same play of wood, stone, red bricks, and muted colors are also seen in the exterior facades of these homes. The style has been trendy for a long time and has given inspiration to many beautiful homes across the globe. People tend to get inspired by different design aspects and often play mix–and–match according to their tastes. But if you are interested in learning about the French country style and want to incorporate those elements in your homes, here is a complete guide.


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