Futurism Style

Futurism style in the interior of your home or office – it’s when a dream about the distant future becomes real, in the essence of space science fiction ideas, books, and films. Futurism in the interior is a stunning triumph of: 

  • scientific and technical advancement, 
  • the attractiveness of fascinating metal gloss, extraterrestrial geometric shapes, 
  • limited range of colors. 

This style is famous worldwide: practicality and rigorous elegance doing the type of Futurism in the interior of modern Kyiv, London, or New York apartments so popular. The features and approach are almost the same around the globe.

Futurism style in the interior of offices, apartments, hotels, or restaurants is:

  • metal, plastic, glass, leather,
  • dimensions of the walls, type of corners and niches, clear lines, plus the geometric shapes at the same time,
  • round door and window openings,
  • primary colors: gray, black, bright white, and silver; inspiring accents of red, light green, and yellow are permissible,
  • furniture in the Futurism style– smooth metal chairs, sofas, chairs with rough leather upholstery, and tables made of solid metal, plastic, and glass; mostly fancy (often rounded) shelves and sideboards; built-in home devices and appliances.
  • triumph of technological progress – Futurism involves using the maximum possible number of multifunctional home appliances, touch control of blinds, lighting, interior doors, and cabinet doors.
  • ergonomics, functionality, conciseness – these fundamentals of a futuristic design.


Futurism style in the interior of the shop floor, the hotel, or the apartment house – it’s the atmosphere of a large spaceport or spacecraft: rigor, versatility, and a minimum of decor. This method is a practical and minimalist design; it is a choice of dynamic and progress-oriented people. Futurism is strictly experimental, while the interior is comfortable and even cozy in its way. Colorful photos will help you appreciate the exceptional austere beauty of the Futurism style in the interior.

The history of the emergence of style

Futurism as a cultural trend (literature, architecture) emerged in the early XX century. Style name comes from the Latin word “future,” which means “the future.” The origin of this style is affection for the achievements of contemporary civilization and concentrates on the future by negating traditions and standards of the past and today. Futurism has much in common with such directions in art as symbolism and the avant-garde: 

  • they abandon traditional norms and matters, 
  • privilege of expression, 
  • non-traditional methods of discovering this freedom. 

The most fascinating trends are Italian and Russian ideas of Futurism. Futurism in interior design specialization examines the vision of the distant future. Ordering the design in the Futurism style means proving yourself as a progressive and courageous man. Living in an apartment decorated in a futuristic style means striving for the future and appreciating progress.

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