Grandmillennial Style

Grandmillennial style is an elegant fusion of the old with the new. These ideas have overtaken the interior design world over the last few years. This decor unites past looks with methods of the present to assemble an eclectic and stunning cozy space that senses a bit like your Grandma’s home but with a fashionable, current edge. After a decade of: 

  • all the “moderns” from Mid-Century Modern farmhouses, 
  • age of gray, beige, solid colors, minimalist silhouettes, and simple, unadorned sofas,
  • enthusiasts of traditional design. 

A Grandmillennial has gratitude for the past, a supporter of classic style with an affection for tradition with a twist. You can use pleasant, homey styles and several eras of design from history with fresh, current ideas. Grandmillennial manner champions: 

  • an eclectic mix of patterns, 
  • inviting natural materials, 
  • cozy textures, 
  • bold colors.

But unlike your grandmother’s house, today’s Grandmillennials choose a mix of antique and modern designs. From: 

  • comfortable armchairs and sofas adorned with patterned cushions, 
  • textured throws to the use of beautiful floral wallpaper ideas,
  • colorful furniture, channeling a ‘Granny-chic’ aesthetic is critical.

If you’ve been yearning to: 

  • arrange hydrangeas in a pretty china vase, 
  • planning your next dinner party so you can start table-scaping with floral tablecloths and colored glassware, 
  • Then perhaps you’ve succumbed to the next major millennial trend, 
  • an aesthetic that’s been endearingly dubbed ‘grand millennial.’ 

While many argue the look is classic and almost anti-trend, its sudden popularity suggests a design movement. It looks rooted in the familiar, from floral wallpaper to chintz fabric to wicker furniture. Far from being boring, a grand millennial is as defined by the past as any other interior design style (after all, no trend is genuinely original). The grand millennial style takes: 

  • a dash of our grandparent’s style sprinkled with sleek lines and contemporary style, 
  • essentially the old with the new.

This method could be by: 

  • using art, furniture, or smaller styling objects, 
  • contextualizing them with new pieces.

Notably, the grand millennial style is: 

  • about uniqueness—styling dated or stuffy pieces in new and original ways,
  • rejecting the overly minimalistic or directional design that has dominated in recent years.

The key here is melding old and new for a timeless look; thankfully, there are no hard and fast rules. By selecting more traditional patterns and sofa styles (think rolled arms and piping) but contrasting them using updated color-ways on fabrics. There is a balance that needs to be struck between: 

  •  old pieces, 
  • new pieces,
  • inspired new compositions by the old items.

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