Indian Eastern Style

Indian style in the interior is a unique combination of simple forms and lines, modesty, and even asceticism with refinement and delicate taste. The design of the apartment or any other accommodation is complemented by golden objects, luxurious decor, and elegant inlaid and carved furniture. These are not all but essential parts of the Indian interior design style. Exploration of Eastern refinement is the primary goal of today’s article, as we want to understand what is so special about Indian dwelling decoration. The room, decorated in Indian style, includes national ornaments, rich textures, and magnificent drawings. Such an interior can often be seen in a movie or a photo.

Family Gatherings

Indian homes also contain versatile, informal spaces that permit relaxed interaction. Develop different levels of seating using: 

  • high chairs, 
  • sofas,
  • divans, 
  • footstools.

Popular choices include: 

  • masks, 
  • clay pottery,
  • diyas, 
  • leather puppets, 
  • ceramics, 
  • decorative boxes in desirable sandalwood, sturdy metal, or marble.

You can also utilize brass lamps and pots as practical, functional metallic accents. A typical myth is that enormous spaces can be developed and decorated well, but that is not true. Undersized spaces can form wonders, too! Combine greens and browns with some rustic patio furniture with touches of color. Depending on what works best, you can employ wicker rather than foldable wooden chairs. For instances:

  • printed cushions, 
  • classic Indian throw,
  • potted plants. 

And voila! Your chill zone is a room with a desi touch. Children are lively, happy, and energetic little humans. So, color is an attractive quality for them. Splash out all the colors, prints, and fabrics you can use. This method can be anything from an Aztec handicraft-printed rug to jute blinds or block-printed curtains. You can change the sheets periodically with Jaipur prints or have paisley wallpaper.  


There is great importance attached to the spiritual side of life; religious concepts and objects form the basis of orderly life in India. The house where Indian design dominates is necessarily saturated with orange, raspberry, and turquoise hues, and their tones can rarely be found elsewhere.

Items of furniture that make up the interior of an apartment are preferable to be low in height and made with their hands of teak (solid wood). Beds and sofas should be comfortable and soft, cozy for rest and sleep. Indian home decor can build just around three or four main pieces of furniture, but their choice should be paid close attention to. Made-for-yourself interior items should be combined according to their texture, style direction, and necessarily in color. 

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