Mediterranean Style

It is clear from the name of this style that you’ll find the elements associated with the sea, sun, and vegetation in the interior. This style constructs an environment of peace and tranquility. In the Mediterranean interior design style, residential and apartment arrangements have appeared in Western Europe areas and the Near East: 

  • Greece, 
  • Italy, 
  • Turkey, 
  • Egypt, 
  • other countries. 

The main characteristic of this technique is its simplicity in the interior. Therefore, all the characteristics combined: 

  • creativity, 
  • comfort, 
  • practicality.


When interior designers talk about the Mediterranean style, they generally refer to the aesthetics of Southern European countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, notably Greece, Italy, and Spain. But it’s essential to remember that 21 countries share the border with the Mediterranean that true Mediterranean style is as likely to appear in Israel, Morocco, and more. While numerous Mediterranean cultures share features of one another’s style and convey a collective sensibility linked to their closeness to the Mediterranean Sea, they maintain centuries of separate culture and design practices. Variations of the Mediterranean style even exist within individual countries: 

  • Southern France bordering the Mediterranean, the French Riviera Style is a glamorous take on the Mediterranean style that originated in the 1930s. 
  • This style has grown in recent years, everywhere from fashion to hotels, restaurants, and design. 
  • In recent years, the picturesque vintage and widely duplicated rattan material sun-shaped mirrors have become mainstream in all interiors worldwide.

The Mediterranean method has a timeless attraction; it can be analyzed in:

  • classic, 
  • contemporary ways. 

The original features of older homes, like: 

  • natural stone walls, 
  • exposed wood beams, 
  • tile floors, 
  • could preserve the essence of the property while combining contemporary furniture and decorative decor to make the home feel like the present time. 

Contemporary ideas of Mediterranean architecture and interior design concentrate on current lifestyles: 

  • with bigger rooms, 
  • more oversized energy-efficient windows,
  • modern luxuries like swimming pools. 

Still, old-school items and materials with architectural details may be maintained and preserved or combined as a nod to historical memories. Mediterranean luxurious architecture is especially suited for warm, dry, and sunny climates; in the U.S., it is usually discovered in places like California and Florida states. But Mediterranean-style glamorous interior design has evolved into a catch-all for: 

  • building,
  • interior design, 
  • architecture throughout the U.S. and beyond. 

However, some commonalities can help you to identify the essence of the Mediterranean style and adapt it to your interior regardless of location or climate.

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