Rococo Style

Rococo is excellent for lavish and exquisite bedrooms, chamber salons, and intimate and cozy living spaces because this style is elegant, flirty, luxurious, and playful. The interior of houses, apartments, or salons in Rococo style shows the owner’s desire to highlight and emphasize their high status and great taste in the premises. It reflects a carefully planned combination of interior design and furniture and the ability to combine excellent lines with dynamic forms. People from all over the world love this Rococo style. 


  • It includes different gentle colors like light shades of blue, pink, purple, yellow, green, cream, peach, pearl, and so on, combined with a glance of gold. 
  • It has luxury materials like elegant fabrics, including silk, satin, brocade velvet, and many more, natural wood and woodwork, forged metal components, glass, crystals, and natural and artificial gliding. 
  • The rooms were elegant, sophisticated, and comfortable.
  • Many decorative elements include substantial gilt-framed mirrors and paintings, figurines and boxes, antique clocks, and wrought candelabra.
  • The presence of Chinese style elements like screens, curtains, fans, oriental landscape tapestries, and attractive and charming Chinese women in chic attire with their oriental luxury and boudoir mystery due to the fashion trends.
  • Rococo Style tends to erotic and mythological subjects and ideas like images and figures of nymphs, Dryads, cupids, ancient gods, and goddesses adorning the interior. 
  • The Rococo style is the asymmetry, rounded shapes, smooth lines, and ornamental loading. 

The boudoir spirit is embodied in this style: intimate, luxurious, feminine, opulent, comfortable, and appealing. The house’s interior’s rococo style is charming, exquisite, chic, and elegant; the flare of secrets because of the secret rooms, hidden drawers of closets and cabinets, boxes with a secret, and an escritoire with invisible partitions. Rococo style is romantic as well as mysterious, striking, bold, and provocative. It creates a relaxed, easy, mysterious, and intriguing atmosphere.



  • Rococo-style furniture is soft, cushioned, luxurious, elegant, and comfortable, like soft chairs, sofas, armchairs, couches, elegant benches, desks, bedside, and dressing tables. It also includes luxurious and spacious closets and wardrobes, decorative tables, and lavishly carved headboard beds. 
  • The chic and carved chair with rounded legs, stylish sofas, and tables is Rococo’s interior style. Embroidery furniture, richly decorated with stucco carvings and decorations, is Rococo style. 
  • The massive fireplace with shelves will be in this style’s center of the living area.
  • As rounded shapes are the basis of style, nothing will be rectangular or any other shape. The dining tables, cabinets, backrests, chair seats, and all other tables must be rounded according to the Rococo style.


  • Rococo is a refined style with elegant fabrics adorned with embroidery. 
  • In this style, heavy drapes in saturated colors and light, long white curtains will fit and look good as window decorations. 
  • Upholstered furniture should appear expensive, luxurious, and comfortable.
  • An oriental-style patterned carpet will look organic on the floor. 
  • The walls are chipped with luxury fabrics, and a golden pattern has a convincing and authentic look.

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