Steampunk Style

Steampunk design, rooted in the Victorian era, is an aged, old-fashioned, and modern approach. Its design is highly mechanical, practically industrial, using materials like: 

  • polished brass, 
  • iron, 
  • wood, 
  • leather. 

It can be considered expressive pseudo-Victorian because of its: 

  • up-cycling passion of the old, 
  • the repaired items, 
  • the reworked items,
  • the imperfect items. 

It emphasizes: 

  • a balance between function and form,  
  • effectively blurs the distinction between decoration and design tools. 

Steampunk method is not just a home interior design but a unique genre and culture that encloses: 

  • fashion clothing, 
  • music and songs, 
  • film and video, 
  • literature and books, 
  • home décor.

Basis of the Style

Steampunk design arrives not so much from a specific location but from ‘an idea. ‘

  1. It has roots in England in borrowing concepts from the Victorian era, but the design arrives from California and imaginative the film industry. 
  2. In 1870, notable Jules Verne published a book that has since evolved into a memorable, trendy, classic written piece of literature called, ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.’ 
  3. This novel book inspired notable ‘Walt Disney’ to write a film adaptation, ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,’ released in 1954. 
  4. This science-fiction film presented the steampunk design in the innovation of the submarine, the ‘Nautilus,’ its unique interiors, and the crew’s imaginative underwater gear. 
  5. Around the same time, another expressive film adapted from another book, ‘The Time Machine,’ was released. This new film// also familiarized steampunk design with the stunning time machine’s design.


From its grand origins in expressive film and literature, steampunk design ideas have spread to other locations worldwide. 

  1. The fantastic ‘Paris Métro Arts, et Métiers’ station is magnificently designed in a bold steampunk. Belgian artist ‘Francois Schuiten inspiringly redesigned the station in 1994 in an illustrious steampunk style to honor the great works of Jules Verne. The attractive station is provocative of a submarine element.
  2. Parts of the excellent Tokyo and Paris Disney theme parks are in steampunk design. The Mysterious Island section of Tokyo Disney Sea theme park and grand Disneyland Paris’ Discovery-Land location is uniquely Steampunk.
  3. Numerous museums and festivals in additional parts of the world showcased a stunning steampunk design: a functioning steam engine was developed by Kinetic Steam Works and delivered at the Burning Man festival; a grand steampunk festival called ‘White Mischief’ was held in London, put on a great, distinctly steampunk-themed special event called “Around the World in 80 Days,” plus Oamaru, New Zealand presents its Libratory Steampunk Art Gallery building and Steampunk HQ location where steampunk-enthusiasts can view and purchase art and experience audio-visual attractions.

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